Programmers Don’t Pay For Tech Support

I set up a WordPress site on GoDaddy today, and typed in my first post. When I previewed my website, there was only one page, some boilerplate text saying ‘Future site of something quite cool.’ Why was it there? Why wasn’t it overwritten by the WordPress site I just set up?

I searched the app settings, the online help files, and found no mention of what might cause this. Google searches brought up a tantalizing clue, however… someone said their site started working, after they deleted a file.

So I looked at all the newly generated files on website, sorted by date/time descending. The setup process had overwritten Default.aspx in the web site’s root folder, with its own static content, and never updated it again.

The WordPress website was there, hiding behind it. As soon as I removed the Default.aspx file, everything started working.

I could find no information about this, in the tutorials, wizard, and online help. But that Default.aspx page was acting as a cardboard page, blocking the visibility of the website, until I removed it.

Instead of this information, you know what I DID find, quite easily? An advertisement for paid tech support! I am a programmer… I don’t pay for technical support. Instead, I run diffs, comparing one set of files against another, to figure out what happened.

Why is the information so out of date, and sparse, on GoDaddy? Why don’t the installation instructions end with ‘Now remove the Default.aspx file and you’re good to go!’ Instead, you must be a technical sort, and figure it out on your own… or pay some $bucks to GoDaddy.

It almost feels like a way for a corporation to make good money, off of bad documentation.

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